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I do not remember a time in my life when I wasn’t taking pictures. I was just a little girl when I first picked up the camera and I haven’t put it down since! I have lived my life capturing every moment possible in pictures. For me, it is not a choice but rather my calling. It is how I see and experience life…in photos.

Whether I am actually capturing the moment in photos or simply storing it in my mind, I see everything as a photograph. The day- to- day visuals of an ordinary day hold thousands of opportunities to capture in a photo.

The photograph brings as much satisfaction and happiness to my customers as it does to me!

-Heather Lyn.


I will meet you on location and capture beautiful photos of your special moment. I will then edit, crop, and add unique embellishments to individual photographs. Then, you will receive ALL of the photos on a CD. You may choose to print, order, and make copies from or use however you would like!

*Prices will vary for multiple subjects and if location is farther than 20 miles from the zip code 07438.

Please contact me via email for further questions or appointments.

I look forward to capturing your moments!

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